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To be eligible for participation in interscholastic sports and club and other extracurricular activities, students must be in good academic standing.  Good academic standing shall mean students shall have attained a grade of “C” or higher in all subjects in the preceding marking period or at the mid-point of the marking period.  Failure to meet this qualification shall exclude the student from participation in extra-curricular activities.  Students who do not achieve a grade of “C” in all subjects shall be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities during the following marking period or until the mid-point of the next marking period.  However, should the student attain grades of “C” or better during a subsequent marking period or has improved his/her grades to a “C” by the mid-point of the next marking period, he/she may be reinstated in the extra-curricular activity from which he/she was excluded.

    Coach Email
Fall Sports : Soccer Mr. Matt Hitchner
  Field Hockey

Mrs. Dani Mortorana
    Mrs. Emily Moore

  Cross Country Mrs. Kelli Manski


Winter Sports :


Boys Basketball


Mr. Robert Kobylinski

  Girls Basketball Mrs. Kelli Manski
  Cheerleading Mrs. Karen Avis
Spring Sports: Co-Ed Softball Mrs. Kelli Manski
    Mrs. Karen Sloan
  Track & Field Mrs. Kelli Manski

If you should have any individual questions pertaining to an individual sport, please contact the coach directly. Also, there is a "How To" article below from the school nurse about physical forms.


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